Jennah Fahey, former Newtown, CT resident:

Call To Action
The tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut devastated this small town and shocked the nation. Families were thrust into the realization that life is short and that we need to cherish each moment with the ones we love.

With these thoughts in mind, My family, friends and I come to you today with a simple request. The families of Newtown, Connecticut need our help!! They need our help to move forward while giving them an opportunity to honor their tragically taken loved ones. They need our help and support to show them that while their family members may be gone from this world, there is still a piece of them in their heart. They need our help to realize that they are not alone in their grief, and as fellow citizens we will always take care of our own. So please, reach into your heart, and give. No donation to this cause will be turned away.

What your donation brings?
My mother, Deborah Fahey had a saying; “The Hands That Held You, The Hands That Hold You”. She had this saying to remind my sisters, my father and I that we have to embrace the life and loved ones we have here on earth and that even though our loved ones may pass we are never alone.

Before our mother passed away, she created a charm bracelet with this saying engraved on one side. On the other side she had engraved sets of hands, which signify the many hands from Newtown that have held us and supported us throughout the years. My family and I have cherished these bracelets since, and on our weakest days, these charms give us strength because we know our mother is with us and will help us through.

It is this strength that we would like to share with the families affected by this tragic event! It is this strength that we are asking for you to help spread.

My family, friends and I are working with Hannoush Jewelers in Danbury, CT to make these charm bracelets as a gift for the victim’s families. Hannoush Jewelers is donating their time and labor to help with this gift. Every donation made will go directly to the cost of making the bracelets and then sent to each victim’s families. Each bracelet will consist of the quote “The Hands That Held You, The Hands That Hold You” on one side. The other side will consist of the sets of hands along with each victim’s name engraved in the center. (Please note that no profits will be made from the creation of these bracelets.)

Most of us can only imagine what it is like to lose a family member so suddenly, especially under circumstances such as these. Most of us can however offer our support to these families. We can show them that they are not alone. We can show these families that there is still goodness in this world and that we will be there for them in their time of need.

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